Tree Surveys

We provide a range of tree inspections from individual trees through to groups, woodlands and large estates:

Tree inspections & veteran tree management – through VTA (visual tree assessment) and the use of internal decay detection equipment

Tree & woodland surveys and management plans – for land agents, schools & colleges, parish councils, businesses and private individuals

Trees in relation to development – in accordance with BS5837 (2012), pre-planning applications, appeals or reviews, impact assessments and method statements

Damage where trees are implicated – through direct contact or failure, or as a result of tree root activity

Tree reports for mortgage or insurance purposes – as regulated by the Consulting Arborists Society

Tree Preservation Orders & Conservation Areas – advice regarding applications and appeals for both Local Authorities and private individuals

Health & Safety – specialising in outdoor activity centres and aerial rope activity courses

Loler Inspections – qualified to inspect equipment used for lifting or lowering

Bat & Barn Owls – experienced in the assessment of habitats suitable for bats and barn owls, providing reports to accompany planning applications

Site Plans – using GIS mapping technology to plot accurate tree locations.