Pre-Development Survey (BS5837:2012)

This is the assessment of the existing trees within a development site to identify their condition and potential for retention, provided in accordance with BS5837:2012.  Local authorities require this type of inspection and report before any design is initiated, and this will often form part of the supplementary planning guide (trees and development).  We are also able to plot tree locations and Root Protection Areas using GIS mapping technology.

Arboricultural Implication Assessment (AIA)

This assessment identifies which trees are likely to be affected by a development – those trees which will be lost, those which can be saved and protected, and those which specialist protection or build methods.

The assessment will identify where damage cannot be avoided and give guidance relating to specialist construction or engineering techniques necessary to prevent damage.  This report also specifies any essential tree work required to allow a development to continue.

Arboricultural Method Statement (AMS)

The arboricultural method statement sets out the processes required to initiate and manage tree protection areas. This includes a schedule of tree work for both safety and enabling, the position and type of fencing required, and any additional surface protection required should the construction stray into protective areas e.g., access routes, storage / wash out areas and post development site treatment.

These statements are often required as a planning condition to ensure that developers take the necessary precautions in respect of trees / roots and to avoid unnecessary conflict with trees or restrictions in work practices.

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