Home Buyers Reports / Pre-Purchase Assessments

This is often called the Mortgage or Homebuyers Tree Report and identifies the potential risk to properties from trees, thereby allowing an informed decision on the appropriate level of survey required to satisfy the insurance company or lender.

This report includes a brief health and risk assessment to identify potential direct and indirect threats of injury or damage from defective trees.  It identifies where trees are inappropriate to the site, makes remedial recommendations and identifies factors which require more in depth investigation.  In many cases, this preliminary assessment is all that is required.

This approach is cost effective as it ensures that the purchaser is providing their lender with the correct information, therefore avoiding excessive spending where it is unnecessary.  Similarly, a brief assessment can be instrumental in identifying where future risk may be beyond reasonable limits, allowing the purchaser an opportunity to withdraw or negotiate before completing.

BHA Trees Ltd are fully qualified to undertake Homebuyers Mortgage and Insurance Tree Reports.  Our reports are written in accordance with Arboricultural Mortgage and Insurers Group (AMIUG) standards which are accepted by all lending and insurance institutions.  AMIUG is a special interest group of the Consulting Arborist Society (CAS).

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